Visegrad Symposium on Structural Systems Biology Visegrad countries


  • Computational simulations and spectroscopy of biologically relevant systems.
  • Applications of various computational methods (bioinformatics, MD simulations, QM calulations) or spectroscopical/microscopical techniques in studies of complex biological systems
  • Development of new computational approaches or new spectroscopical/microscopical techniques in biochemistry and biophysics

The Visegrad Symposium on Structural Systems Biology (VSSSB) gathers researchers interested in the study of biomolecular systems with wide array of scientific approaches. They range from computational mehtods, including quantum calculations and atomistic or coarse-grained simulations, to experimental, mainly spectroscopic techniques. As such the meeting is a unique platform for sharing ideas and approaching common scientific problems from different points of wiev, often leading to the estabilishment of fruitful, intersisciplinary collaboration.

The history of the meetings dates back to 2009 and 2010, when two „Mini-symposium on computation of interactions in biological systems“ were organized by the research teams from Nove Hrady and Szeged in their respective towns. Later joined by partners from Bratislava and Kraków, and benefiting from the support of Visegrad International Fund, they established the tradition of annual symposia on structural systems biology. The 1st VSSSB was organized in 2011 in Nové Hrady, Czech Republic, followed by 2nd VSSSB in 2012 in Gyöngyöstarján, Hungary, 3rd VSSSB in 2013 in Smolenice, Slovakia, 4th VSSSB in 2014 in Nové Hrady, 5th VSSSB in 2015 in Szeged, Hungary and 6th VSSSB in 2016 in Warsaw, Poland and till now the last 7th VSSSB in 2017 again in Nové Hrady. Last 8th VSSSB will be held in Lučenec, Slovak Republic.

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